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Nov 15 2017

S&P/JPX JGB VIX Update - October 2017

The S&P/JPX JGB VIX came off the highs of the month (Oct. 3, 2017, close of 2.03) to finish at 1.40, as uncertainty around a possible change in Japan’s overall political landscape and near-term lower house election results were resolved.

Nov 03 2017

U.S. Equities Market Attributes October 2017

The S&P 500® 2.22% in October, bringing its YTD return to 15.03%.

Oct 24 2017

S&P GIVI®ジャパン及び主要な単一ファクター 2017年10月のレビュー

S&P GIVI(グローバル・イントリンシック・バリュー指数)ジャパンは2017年7-9月期にベンチマークであるS&P 日本総合指数を0.46%アウトパフォームしました。1 S&P GIVI ジャパンは2012年3月に指数算出を開始して以降、ベンチマークを年率0.94%アウトパフォームしており、トラッキング・エラーは2.36%となっています。

Oct 18 2017

S&P GIVI® Japan and Major Single Factors October 2017

The S&P GIVI (Global Intrinsic Value Index) Japan outperformed its benchmark index, the S&P Japan BMI, by 0.46% in the third quarter of 2017.1 Since its launch in March 2012, the S&P GIVI Japan has outperformed its benchmark index by 0.94% per year, with a tracking error of 2.36%.

Oct 02 2017

U.S. Equities Market Attributes September 2017

The S&P 500® gained 1.93% in September, bringing its YTD return to 12.53%.

Aug 28 2017

Dow Jones Industrial Average – Mid-Year 2017 Review

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended June 2017 at 21,349.63—up 1,522.86 points for a 7.68% first half return, the best year since 2013 when the market surged over 13.78% during the same period.

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