Can Your Outperforming Funds Continue to Win Over Time


Passive investing has been steadily gaining steam over time as investors pull their money from actively managed funds and instead invest in lower-cost passively managed options such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Building an investment portfolio, however, should involve making active choices.

How difficult is it to choose a fund that outperforms its benchmark in one period and subsequently persists in delivering alpha in consecutive periods? How do market cycles, market caps and investment styles affect fund performance?

Industry experts will examine:

  • What a combination of SPIVA® (S&P Index Vs Active) and Persistence data says about the ability of past “winners” to persist over long time horizons.
  • How did Australian active funds fare against their comparable benchmark indices over different time periods?
  • How can financial advisers practically use ETFs, or a blend of passive and active strategies, to construct an effective investment portfolio?
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