Priscilla Luk

S&P Dow Jones Indices

Priscilla Luk

Priscilla Luk serves as Head of Global Index Research and Design, Asia Pacific at S&P Dow Jones indices. She is responsible for conceptualization and design of new indexes using a combination of analytical, commercial and regulatory considerations. Priscilla also regularly publishes research on new and existing products, and represents S&P Dow Jones indices at media engagements, conferences and other client events.

Prior to joining S&P Dow Jones Indices in 2012, Priscilla has spent over ten years in equity research providing analysis on asset allocation and equity investment strategies. She was Asian equity strategist with Deutsche Bank AG since June 2010. Before this, Priscilla was the partner and director of research at First Horse Capital, a global equity hedge fund management company. Previously, she was Global and Asian strategist at Mirae Asset Securities.

Priscilla was Global equity strategist since April 2004 and Asian equity strategist since August 2003 at Citigroup Global Markets. Priscilla joined Citigroup from CLSA Asia Pacific Markets where she was a quantitative research analyst. Priscilla started her career in quantitative research division at Credit Suisse in 2001.

Priscilla graduated with a B.Sc. in Quantitative Finance from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.