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S&P 500 Global Sales Get insight into where large-cap American companies are selling their goods and services.
BY Howard Silverblatt


• In 2017, the percentage of S&P 500 sales from foreign countries increased slightly, after two years of measured decreases. The overall rate for 2017 was 43.6%, up from 43.2% in 2016, but down from 44.3% in 2015 and 47.8% in 2014, which was at least an 11-year record high. S&P 500 foreign sales represent products and services produced and sold outside of the U.S.

• Sales in Asia declined, but they remained the highest of any region. Asia accounted for 8.26% of all S&P 500 sales, down from 8.46% in 2016, but up from 2015’s 6.77% and 2014’s 7.80%.

• European sales ticked up for 2017, but they remained lower than Asia. For 2017, European sales increased to 8.14% of all sales, up from 8.13% in 2016, 7.79% in 2015 and 7.46% in 2014. The UK (which is part of European sales) increased to 1.12% from 2016’s 1.10%, after 2015’s increase to 1.86%.

• Japanese sales decreased to 1.51% of all S&P 500 sales from 1.52% in 2016, and African sales inched down to 3.90% from 2016's 57.15%. Sales in Canada declined to 2.16% from 2.67% in 2016, after declining significantly to 1.17% in 2015 from 3.51% in 2014 (oil-related sales were seen as a contributing factor).

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