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S&P Kensho 3D Printing Index (USD)



The S&P Kensho 3D Printing Index is designed to measure the performance of companies focused on 3D printing.

A subsector index within the S&P Kensho New Economy Index Series, the S&P Kensho 3D Printing Index intends to represent companies focused on either making 3D printers or producing specialized components, including the modelling software for 3D printers. Only a few years ago, 3D printing technology was limited to the prototyping of small ad-hoc models that were more decorative than practical. Now, with improvements in both technology and materials, a 3D printer can produce an enormous range of outputs for the "on-demand economy," from working individual components to entire finished products - 3d bioprinters can even create living human tissue. All industries have seen a huge uptake in usage: rapid prototyping; the generation of scale models; small-batch production of customized objects; and cost-effective, large-scale production of commoditized objects.

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