S&P Kensho Global Drones Index (USD)



The S&P Kensho Global Drones Index is designed to measure the performance of companies involved in the drone industry, including internationally listed companies focused on drone-related activities as a principal component of their business strategy.

A subsector index within the S&P Kensho New Economy Index Series, the S&P Kensho Global Drones Index intends to represent companies that are focused on drone production, which encompasses a wide range of players - from large conglomerates, to young specialists that make specialized components or complete drones. Drones were initially popularized through military applications, but their most prevalent use in the New Economy will likely be recreational and commercial. While a significant portion of the market for drones will come from hobbyist users, the increasing payload capacity and ranges of non-military drones means that commercial use will become increasingly widespread梖or aerial imaging, repairs, shipments, and even enhanced provision of mobile data coverage.

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