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Index Licensing

Our Indices are regularly used as the basis for a wide range of financial instruments, which is why investors, asset managers and financial institutions choose to license one or more of our global indices. Licensing an index allows an organization to track the performance of publicly-available securities or develop benchmarks for an actively-managed portfolio. For example, our indices are currently licensed for use by entities that track: 

  • Annuities and Insurance Products
  • Indexed Funds
  • Structured Products
  • Derivatives
  • Guaranteed Funds and Structured Products in Europe and Asia

We maintain more than 550 license agreements with major financial institutions around the world by offering global licenses that encompass all index offerings by an institution, as well as licenses for single transactions.

Our Data

We also offer a wide range of index data subscriptions across asset classes that provide current and historical data on individual securities in developed and emerging markets around the world. These data packages are designed for clients who require consistent measures of capital market performances and who need underlying data on component securities. 

Investors, asset managers and financial institutions use our index data to measure market movements at all levels of detail and sophistication.  Data packages are available for global, country, region, sector and style index levels. Index constituent data includes company names, identifiers, market capitalization, weights, prices and style scores.

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